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The Equitable Marketing Association (EMA) is a fair trade organization that was set up in 1977.  They work with many different crafts in the rural community where they are based just outside of Kolkata, from candle making to leather craft, wooden instrument making to textile printing.  

The aim of EMA is to help the economically-challenged sections of society, particularly marginalized or minority groups, women and physically challenged.  Their focus is not only providing work, fair pay and good conditions, but also a marketing space for their crafts, training and investment in local education programs. Hannah, from Midsummer +1 has partnered with EMA to launch her new line of leather handbags and below, she interviews an EMA artisan, Anita Das, that worked on her collection.


Are you the first person in your family to work with Shantiniketan leather?

What part of Shantiniketan process do you do?
Touching, which is what we call painting with the dye. All women work on the touching portion of the process. Men work on the embossing because it uses large presses and requires more manual work.

Do you think your children will become involved with shantiniketan?
I have only have one son and he is studying. I am enjoying Shantiniketan work to put him through school and my hope is that he will get a better job with that education.

What's one thing you’d like our customers to know about your work?
I'd like people around the world to learn about all of our products, especially our bags and purses. All the designs are done by our hands, and therefore we love all the designs. The more people buy our art, the work we have and we will be happy.




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Midsummer +1


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