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Rubina is a collaborative e-commerce destination that brings you exclusive products made by designers and women artisans around the world. These products are not only designed and produced to the highest level of craftmanship, but also allow a female craft entrepreneur to build her business from her traditional craft or craft-based skills which gives her the power to chose the life she wants for herself and her family.

Our team curates accessory products such as scarves, jewelry, belts, shoes; just to name a few. All products are made exclusively for Rubina and sold through our online shop and curated events around New York.

Rubina values the story of who, how, why, what, and where behind the products. Many are shared on our Partners page, and Rubina Magazine.

There are many many more plans in the works to make this platform a better place to buy, learn, and grow a community of conscious women who want to truly know the women artisans and designers working with them. 

As we grow, we'll commit to putting thought and heart into the curations we put together for you, whether it's through our monthly collaborations or our own collection. Stay informed by signing up for our newsletter below to learn about Monthly Releases and upcoming partner events in New York and select cities around the US. 

Thanks for being a part of this journey with us!