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Each of our exclusive features is made through a collaboration by an artisan and designer. Featured artisan and designer profiles are below.

"[I do] Shantiniketan work to put [my son] through school and my hope is that he will get a better job with that education."
"A desire to work with artisans came naturally to me as the different crafts of India were one of the most inspiring things about living there."

the most important takeaway is that the women we employ are strong, determined, creative, and have the capacity to learn and become highly skilled artisans


NorBlack NorWhite
"Understanding the ancient processes and culture of art within artisan families turns us on, and is the core of why we create in India."

The Khatri Family
"Once you start working with a piece of fabric it's not about the order or the money. It's about finding inspiration." 
New partners are added with each new feature. 


Partner Criteria

We identify design companies or design-led organizations that focus on the:

  1. development and inclusion of women
  2. preservation of craft through history and innovation
  3. inclusion of artisans located in a marginalized area, rural community, and or developing country around the globe. 
Do you know of a designer or artisan group that should work with us? Send us an email at with the name of the organization, a url, and contact information.