Social Impact

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Rubina is all about moving women forward, both as our customer and our supplier.

In many parts of the world, women are treated as second class citizens. The majority are not given equal opportunities to education and medical care, nor are they commonly viewed as capable income generators for their families (see UN Stats on Women). However, when given the opportunity, women have proven themselves to make large scale positive impact by spending more earnings on their families' social needs and developing their communities. 

Rubina's social mission is to identify those women - the "Rubinas" of the world - who want to start businesses with their craft-based skills but only lack access to a market. Through a collaborative retail model, we have established designer partnerships in order to scale the impact of smaller brands that align with our values. These collaborations give women artisans the opportunity to leverage their own cultural assets to build sustainable businesses and move more women forward in their own communities.