Nyota Necklace by Nakate

Product Description


Rubina has partnered with Nakate to bring you our next exclusive product: The Nyota Necklace by artisans in Uganda.

By pre-ordering this necklace, you will help Rubina and Nakate get the Nyota Necklace into production, which will be a direct investment into the women's self-organized business co-operative. The women have used this income to invest in their family's education, health service and for the first time holding savings accounts.

  • Product: Nyota Necklace
  • Status: Ready for Production
  • Still needed to reach goal: FUNDED!
  • Pre-order price: $50*
  • Pre-order Ends: Saturday, December 1, 2012
  • Expected Delivery Date: December 22, 2012
*Pre-order price is lower than the feature price


Nakate is a celebration of Ugandan artisans who have taken the time out of their lives to develop their own creative talent, and offer a bold, African aesthetic to the rest of the world. Working with Nakate provides income for talented artisans in Uganda that are looking to enter a global market with products indigenous to East Africa. We use the creation of our pieces as an opportunity to establish relationships connecting Ugandan professionals and artisans with marginalized women in rural villages – using African talent to nourish African growth and development. Through these relationships, many of the women we work with have gained valuable business and entrepreneurial knowledge, as well as a global market for their pieces. 

Our idea of taking Africa with you is centered on the belief that the Africa we have experienced has to something to teach and offer brave, open, inspired women across the globe. Through the unique aesthetic we have come to love, we seek to both celebrate a part of the world that teaches us to live more deeply, and to challenge the bold adventurer that we know already lives inside of you.